The URBAN LIVING ROOM is a living room setting in public space.

The URBAN LIVING ROOM is living room in which we present a combination of a social and cultural program. A design project that focuses on hospitality and small-scale meetings in the big city. The Urban Living Room makes the city a homely place.

The URBAN LIVING ROOM is also a project that challenges the way public space is treated. We are reaching out to people (locals and professionals) that are working on improving the living conditions in urban space. We are developing programs and strategies on how to deal with changing needs, bottom up approaches and a shifting role of policy makers. We offer workshops and expertise with which we want to set up collaborative projects that change city life.

The contexts can be very divers. The ULR will add a contrasting layer to every context. The uni-color and the indoor homely feeling of the ULR make it stand out in urban landscapes, parks, in nature and exhibition spaces.

The URBAN LIVING ROOM is also an international traveling exhibition of Dutch Design. It includes fabulous designs by Dirk van der Kooij, Roderick Vos for Linteloo, Richard Hutten for  NGispeN, Ben Oostrum and Jan Melis, Daniel White, Chris Koens, Ramon Middelkoop, Studio ID Eddy and Bas Kortmann.

URBAN LIVING ROOM is a collaboration between designer Bas Kortmann and artist and organizer Studio ID Eddy. Together they did research into archetypal living rooms in the Netherlands. This research led to the design of living room settings. URBAN LIVING ROOM offers hospitality, and small-scale meeting places in the big city. URBAN LIVING ROOM makes the city feel like home.

You can have your own Urban Living Room or hire it for your event or festival. For more information, email or

Urban Living Room at the Bosporus in Istanbul during Istanbul Design Bienale - 2012